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Can you believe it?  You own a business and all the stress associated with maintaining your company.   Many people may have doubted you last this long, but you did survive, and now, you are ready to take your business to the next level.  We help small business owners develop strategies to work through critical business concerns and assist with positioning your company in the marketplace so you can thrive.  We can help you transform the future of your business.

Let’s get started.


You do not have to run your business alone.   We can help lighten your load.

What if you could connect to an expert to bounce your ideas off before you launch your next product or service?   What if you had someone to help you identify strategies and map out your plan of execution?  What if you had someone to help make you accountable and help you stay on track of meeting your business goals?   What if you had someone to help walk you through addressing business issues and help you identify real solutions?   

Well, guess what? You do not have to run your business alone.  You have access to business/marketing experts who can help you navigate your business and minimize your risk. Our one-on-one consulting sessions will give you the support you need to help you save time and money.  We assess your company by looking at the entire ‘Big’ picture of your business, so we can set realistic goals to improve your revenue, attract new clients, and improve your customer retention.

We create customized solutions to fit your specific industry and your business needs. We can help you make the tough decisions about your business to ensure your efforts align with your business goals. We can help you maximize your resources and adapt to industry changes as well as identify ways to continue to differentiate your business from your competitors.  The result is simple, you will feel more confident about the direction of your business, and you will have the focus you need to reach your business goals.

"Thank you Elonda Stokes for all your help. It's refreshing to have someone who really cares about others and wants them to succeed. Instead of just sending me a list of information and leaving me to fend for myself. You actually took the time to explain it to me, set it up for me, and help me understand the whole process. Never did you drop the ball and leave me hanging to fend for myself. I thank you for all your support and motivation in helping me to inch my way towards success. You truly are a remarkable women and I look forward to our future business dealings as well as our friendship."

~ Donna Weston | | Merritt Island, Florida

Stokes Marketing - Atlanta, GA
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