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Any services under $2500 must be paid in full before services are rendered. Services over $2500 may be paid with a 50 percent retainer and service balance must be paid 20 days after your initial 1st payment. Payments/retainers must be received before services are rendered.  Multi-payments are required on the due date or payment cycle specified on your electronic invoice.  Payments not made on the specified date or payment cycle are assessed with a late payment and risk project termination (See Late Payment).  Stokes Marketing will keep accurate records of all payments received by clients and provide clients with electronic receipts. 

LATE PAYMENTS: Late payments are only applied to multiple payment accounts. A $25 late charge will be applied for payments made after the designated due date. Projects that are in “past due” status due to late payment may be subject to project hold/termination at the discretion of the Stokes Marketing.


Clients who receive monthly recurring services must provide a 30 day notice in writing.  Services will end 30 days after your written submission. Clients are still required meet their obligated monthly payment until they receive their official release of reoccurring monthly payment from Stokes Marketing.



Credits are provided at the discretion of Stokes Marketing. Stokes Marketing does not offer refunds once a service project has started. Any service provided is considered a cost to Stokes Marketing.  Clients may submit a letter to Stokes Marketing requesting a credit or refund and Stokes Marketing will provide a response within 60 days after receiving the submission.  Any credit offered by Stokes Marketing cannot be passed on to a new client and/or project and all credits are valid for 120 days.  Any refunds offered by Stokes Marketing will be provided within 8 weeks of approval.

Late Payment
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