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We specialize in giving our clients a professional online presence. Regardless of your industry, we can custom create a web design to help you attract more clients online and help your brand stand out. Contact Stokes Marketing today for superior website design by Atlanta website designers. 


We Can Help Make Your Brand Irresistible.  

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Your online future success rests on the conversion of your marketing into sales. But with the modern-day digital market demanding more and more competition, the challenges of tightening up your business brand are more pressurized than ever before. 

That’s where Stokes Marketing steps in for your business – because over the years, we have isolated and perfected the formula for successful branding. We know there’s an art to creating your brand ⁠— and there’s a science too. 

We offer upcoming and established businesses the same masterful web and e-commerce design offered in the wider corporate world. 

Our approach is fully integrated, and our seasoned team is unparalleled across a broad range of strategic pillars, including Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and e-commerce design.


We build on the following platforms:

  • WordPress

  • WooCommerce

  • Joomla 

  • Wix

  • Clickfunnels

  • Kajabi

  • SamCart

  • Webflow

In the digital age, there’s one currency that rules market dynamics — attention. It’s more complicated than ever to capture and retain the attention of leads. 

That’s why we don't just design an aesthetically aligned and customer-centric website – we go above and beyond to implement a client acquisition system that works on autopilot – so you’ll never have to worry about generating leads.


Picture this: 

You wake up one day to find your web traffic booming, conversion rates increasing, and sales higher than ever before. You won’t be surprised to learn that this is reality for many of the world’s most accomplished businesses. But you might be surprised to learn that this can be you, too.


At Stokes Marketing, we’re motivated by your ambitions and energized by your success.

With our web and e-commerce design services, your only limit is your imagination.

Whether it’s the untold story of your brand, an abstract idea, or an intuitive guided experience through your website or e-commerce, your digital marketing has the power to drive your success forward in a way no other medium can.

Our unrivaled combination of professional knowledge, communication, and integrity means you have access to the industry’s finest.

And what’s more?

When you partner with us today, you’ll receive a complimentary 60-second brand video to promote your new website valued at $450 that you can use for any full website design, development, or e-commerce service.


You are the best-kept secret to your clients, but at Stokes Marketing, we think the world deserves to know you too.

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Grey and White Minimal New Bag Collections Instagram Post with Ipad Frame & Torn Paper(3).
Grey and White Minimal New Bag Collections Instagram Post with Ipad Frame & Torn Paper(1).

How can you be a boss with a wack website? I am so pleased with my newly designed website done by Elonda Stokes! I love her creativity, professionalism and thoroughness. Elonda Stokes didn't just take my bad information/content and make it look better, she took her time to evaluate my needs, goals and expectations. I've wasted so much money taking shortcuts, FINALLY, I am proud to share, You'll be seeing it A LOT. If you're looking for a great marketing expert and web designer, I highly recommend Stokes Marketing." 

~ Patricia Clement  | Owner, JumpStarz, Richmond, Virginia

Stokes Marketing - Atlanta, GA


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